Bekhruz Otaev

Bekhruz Otaev

Growing up in the outskirts of Bukhara, I have spent my childhood years with full of curiosity towards science and nature. I used to take apart old electronics and pondered to make sense of how they would work.

Then, in my teenage years, I started learning English and with that came my whole new perspective of the world. The more I learned about other cultures, the more I wanted to go out into the world and see it for myself. Here I am, after a few years, working abroad in Japan. The rest is history.

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HTML5 was my introduction to programming. It is a new version of the language HTML, with new elements, attributes, and behaviors that allows more diverse and powerful Web sites and applications. Please refer to the inspection window to look at how I code in HTML.


I would be no developer if I did not know CSS. It is what styles all of the web. Besides plain css, I also use preprocessors like Sass, CSS powered frameworks like Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS in my projects. Curious to find out how this page's design came to be?


I have been using JavaScript in most of my projects. The ones you can directly see are Covid-19 data analyzer, Reversi game and the page you are looking at has some JS involved. Check out the source codes in my Github profile.


Django was my very first step towards full-stack development. It is at the core of my personal website and projects that involve databases and REST APIs. Django's model architecture makes it easier for me to work with different databases. Plus, I can scale anything up in no time with Django.


Python - the language on the hype, yet it is what really pushed me into determining my career. I have created news aggregators, web-scrapers, user authentication systems, websites, automated my workflow with Python. Given the adequate time, I can do almost anything - any thing with Python.


Amazon's Web Services are really making a lot of our lives easier. I am a customer, myself, deploying my projects, using AWS databases, storing my files and so on to the cloud. If you are thinking of scaling your business to the next level, AWS is a way to go, and I am happy to help!


C is the father of programming languages, some say. I first got to work with it in my first job. I created command line games, binary file analyzers and back-end systems with it. It is super fast. In case you're into embedded systems development and you need a hand, let me know.


Yes, I can also create mobile applications using Kotlin in Android Studio. Although I am new to mobile app development, creating an app of any complexity is one search away, if you know what I mean. I have created calculators, educational testing apps and a music player.