Bekhruz Otaev

Bekhruz Otaev

Senior Software Engineer

Senior software engineer specialized in full-stack web development. My professional life has been 100% driven by my passion for building highly performant and responsive applications. Every project is unique and challenging, and the satisfaction of completing it is truly worth the experience.


  • Frontend

    HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ReactJS, Adobe XD, MaterialUI, Bootstrap5, Responsive UI

  • Backend

    NodeJS, ExpressJS, NextJS, Django, Django REST Framework

  • Database

    PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle

  • DevOps

    Git, Github, Linux, Windows, SSH, Apache, AWS (S3, Amplify, Cognito, GraphQL), GCP

  • Soft skills

    Communication, Teamwork, Team management, Project Management, Time management, Adaptability and Work Ethic

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer



Shizuoka, Japan

Current Responsibilities
  • Managing a team of 4 engineers for an AI video chat system "Talk With" that will have up to a million userbase

  • Maintaining a warehouse management system for a leading semiconductor manufacturer

  • Full-stack web application development for corporate clients, testing, deployment and maintenance

  • Corporate task automation with Python, NodeJS

  • Automated a warehouse management system that relied on manual labor on Excel up until recently. Employee productivity is up by 80%

  • Created fully-functioning and responsive web application for a startup to better communicate with its customers. Now its sales is up by 20%

  • Developed and currently maintaining a search engine platform for B2B trading for a corporate client. It reduced employee manual labor by 90% and increase sales output by 50%

Skill Badges

  • Python

  • JavaScript

  • ReactJS

  • Frontend Development



Personal Projects

  • Personal Website & Portfolio

    This is my personal playground where I test out new technologies as I am learning. It is always changing and evolving. Feel free to check it out.


    Community driven online translator powered by Django, ReactJS and PostgreSQL. It is currently live as beta as I am experimenting with different features.


  • Uzbek

  • English

  • Japanese